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Develop your online video courses and make more passive income by imparting knowledge to people all over the world.

Earn money

Earn money for every learner buy your course, you can choose to be paid monthly through PayPal or Stripe.

Inspire students

Share your knowledge to help people learn new skills, advance their careers and explore their hobbies.

Join our community

Take advantage of our active instructor community to help you complete the course creation process

Envision your success

Get organized

Start with your passion and knowledge then select a topic and plan your lecture.

You can teach in your own way, and you can even create courses in multiple languages ​​and inspire more learners.

How we can help you

FlexiCourse provides free courses on how to build your own courses, with worksheets and real examples. In addition, our instructor dashboard and course pages can help you stay on track.

Record your training video


Lights, cameras, motion

Do you have a smartphone or digital SLR camera? Add a microphone and you can prepare to shoot your first class at home or anywhere.

Use screen capture software like Camtasia to take screenshots and demos if you have camera shy.

How we can help you

Our support team and consultant can help you and provide free comments for your videos. Our online instructor community can provide you with advice and inspiration



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