Sell your courses online - and rapidly

Create, market and sell your online courses online not required any IT coding or design skills.

Create an interactive platform to fascinate Attract New Learners

Awesome learning experience

FlexiCourses is a very user friendly platform. Learner only need register with our marketplace, purchase and view them any device.

A marketplace for your courses

FlexiCourses is an online marketplace where you can market and sell your courses, develop a customer base, and track your revenue — all in one platform.

Your content — your revenue $$$

Upload your learning content for subscription

Upload your learning materials to our marketplace such as videos, audios, documents, quizzes, SCORM software packages, interactive assessments, etc. You can sell these content items individually, or you can use them to build a multi-session course.

3 steps to start selling courses 24/7

Create account

Just register your account and that’s it – your marketplace is ready right out of the box!

Set up a course

Upload your content, add a short description and set the price.

Tracking results

Monitor detailed analysis about traffic, purchases and learner progress.

Create an excellent learning experience

When your students feel that you take care of every detail, your business will flourish.

Easy to use learner portal

Available in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and local languages. Learners can take courses and check their progress.

Adaptive content

Learners can take courses from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whenever they need to access your content, they can easily access it.

Communication and feedback

Let learners ask you questions during class. When finished, encourage them to share their experience in the comments.

Multiple learning forms

Change of training format to improve learning efficiency: self-study materials (courses, videos, PDFs, etc.), drip irrigation procedures, webinars, and offline activities.

Report and evaluation

FlexiCourses has features to meet your future training needs, namely different portals, custom reports, quizzes, assessments and surveys to evaluate your learners and learning materials

Instructor's feedback

During taking a course at FlexiCourses, learners can use the learner’s portal to ask any questions related to the course.

Quicky Promote Your Courses and Increase Revenue

Use your existing loyal traffic to profit, generate new potential customers and proceed cautiously nurture them to become customers

Share links to your market with your website visitors, followers on social media, and email subscribers to start selling courses without the technical challenges of building an e-commerce website.
Use free or trial courses to showcase your expertise and attract new learners. Use coupons to increase conversions
Built-in SEO options allow your market to gain greater visibility in search engine results and monitor its traffic through web analytics.
Using the built-in reports, you can track of who has attended your course. Pay close attention to store traffic and sales, understand which courses are your bestsellers, promote more actively, and optimize other products to make them more marketable.
Payment goes directly to your financial account without any fees or commissions from the gateway. After the customer purchases the course, you are paid. PayPal or Stripe.

Use FlexiCourses to do the next step

Customers have higher requirements for their content. Provide them your courses and get more income, loyalty and lower support costs.